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Community Services for Vision Rehabilitation (CSVR) is a non- profit community-based organization dedicated to helping those with low vision and blindness. The clinics provide professional evaluation by a Medical Doctor (M.D.) or an Optometrist (O.D.), Occupational Therapists, Ophthalmic technicians, Computer Specialists and others. It works in collaboration with state agencies, regional and national resources. Our Board of Directors includes a broad spectrum of community leaders active in improving the access to care and quality of life for those living in Southwest Alabama.
We are honored to have received generous support and grants from the following foundations:
  • The EyeSight Foundation of Alabama
  • The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham
  • The Hearin-Chandler Foundation
  • The Crampton Trust
  • The Macular Degeneration Foundation
  • The C.D. Helen and Jeff Glaze Foundation
  • The Mapp Family Foundation
  • The Daniel Foundation
  • The Polo at the Point Foundation
  • The De Earnest G. DeBakey Foundation
  • The Working Womens Association of Montgomery
  • Malbis Memorial Foundation
  • Larkins Foundation
  • Monte L. Moorer Foundation
  • Sybil Smith Charitable Trust
  • J.L. Bedsole Foundation
  • Willis Foundation
People accepted with or without insurance. All Insurances accepted.




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